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Dipl.-Ing. Markus Weber M.A.

Publicly certified expert for verification in greenhouse gas emission trading and aviation emissions by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Hagen (Germany)

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(Last Changes: 2020-05-04)

Emission allowances or emission reduction certificates can only have value for emission trading, e.g. in the EU emission trading scheme or according to the rules of the Kyoto protocol if emissions or emission reductions have been determined precisely. The European legislator ruled that emissions relevant for the allocation process and reported emissions in the EU emission trading scheme have to be verified by independent accredited third parties. According to the flexible mechanisms of the Kyoto protocol (Clean Development Mechanism and Joint implementation) emission reductions have to be verified by independent third parties, too.

The following pages shall give an insight into how emissions are verified, which legal requirments exist and which technical rules may be applied to determine greenhouse gas emissions.

Under resources you will find an extensive collection of documents. Under expert opinion at court and expert opinions for private customers a brief description of the tasks of a publicly certified expert is given.

In addition you will find a short profile of the author of these pages under personal information.


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